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Auto Accident Lawyer

Your Insurance Reimbursement Doesn’t Match the Costs of the Accident

You need to consult with an auto accident lawyer when your insurance company or the insurance company for the responsible party is less than the costs you’ve incurred for the accident. Whether they don’t cover your visit to a chiropractor, underestimate the value of your vehicle or fail to pay for lost wages, an auto accident lawyer can help you document your full costs and seek full reimbursement.

You Need Reimbursement for Expenses Not Covered by Insurance

Insurance companies tend to pay for medical costs, and they usually offer at least some money toward the cost of car repairs. Receiving reimbursement for lost wages while you’re going through rehab, lost wages because you didn’t have transportation to get to work, the costs of having groceries delivered or missed doctors’ appointments because the car wasn’t ready are all expenses you can seek to have reimbursed that the insurance company may not pay at first.

Another factor to consider is pain and suffering. This is hard to quantify compared to the $3,000 car repair bill or stack of medical bills. And insurance companies are reluctant to pay out anything for this, since someone may exaggerate their claims of pain to get more money.

No One Agrees Who Is At Fault

No one wants to be at fault for a car accident, especially due to the financial cost. When the fault for the car accident is contested and you cannot prove the other driver caused it, you will likely lose. If that happens, you will get nothing. It is essential to hire an auto accident lawyer so this doesn’t happen.

It Isn’t a Simple Accident

Your car slid on ice and hit one person, and someone else hit you. Something fell off a truck and hit your car, and the trucking company says it is no one’s fault because you were too close to the back of the vehicle. You took a turn at the legal speed and lost control due to road conditions, and you have no idea who you could file a claim with. When it isn’t a simple fender bender, you need to consult with an auto accident lawyer.

You Are Offered a Settlement

When you’ve been in an accident and the bills are piling up, it can be tempting to take a settlement. However, this is risky. Taking the settlement could mean you waive your right to claim more money – so don’t take a settlement while you’re still receiving medical treatment. Never accept a settlement if someone offers you money at the scene with an agreement not to file a claim.

Always consult with a car accident attorney before accepting a settlement so you don’t waive your rights or potentially give up the ability to get reimbursement for your total expenses.

The Insurer Demands Alternative Dispute Resolution

Despite the name, alternative dispute resolution is a legally binding event, and if you don’t understand the rules of evidence or have the right information with you, you will lose out. Bring in your own legal advisor, ideally an auto accident lawyer, when going to an alternative dispute resolution hearing.