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Personal Injury Attorney

When Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

What Counts as a Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury law involves cases where someone is injured whether through direct action of the responsible party, inaction when they should have acted, or were harmed through the negligence or wrongdoing of another.

The personal injury case can be filed against a person, a company or even a government agency. For example, when a doctor working for a hospital is negligent in their care, you can sue both the doctor and the hospital.

Personal injury lawyers can get involved even when there is a related criminal case. The most common case is pursuing a drunk driver for a claim even as the courts try them for driving while intoxicated. You can also sue someone personally for the personal injury they caused from a fight while pursuing assault charges. It is possible to sue someone for personal injury when they kill someone even if found not guilty of murder, as the O.J. Simpson case showed.

When Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

  • You were in a car crash and need full reimbursement for medical costs, rehabilitation, lost wages, car repairs and pain and suffering.
  • Due to your doctor’s mistake in diagnosing a condition or improperly treating it, you faced delayed resolution, prolonged suffering, additional medical costs or unnecessary medical treatment.
  • You were assaulted and have serious injuries. A personal injury attorney can help you file both criminal charges and a persona injury suit against the other party.
  • You were in an accident at work and face long term injuries or received a permeant injury that disabled you.
  • Your insurance company disputes your liability for an accident, so you aren’t receiving reimbursement for your expenses due to an accident.
  • You were injured at a venue due to uneven flooring, unmarked stairs, construction debris or unsafe conditions.
  • Your landlord didn’t provide adequate safety measures and you were harmed by an intruder.
  • Your landlord did not maintain a safe premises and your child was injured on the playground.
  • The hotel or apartment complex isn’t well kept. You were using a pool that wasn’t properly maintained, or you slipped and fell on improperly maintained stairs and receiving an injury.
  • Your family member was in the hospital and didn’t receive adequate care, resulting in a prolonged stay, secondary infection or death.
  • The nursing home failed to provide adequate care, such as not making sure someone with trouble swallowing was given enough water and food, resulting in hospitalization or death.
  • Your family’s home was built with drywall that outgassed toxic substances, making you ill.
  • There was a meth lab in the home before you bought it, and your family became ill because you didn’t know hazardous materials needed to be removed from the property.

Your child or you yourself were bit by a dog that wasn’t properly kept in a yard or on a leash. However, harm to your pet is considered a property suit, not personal injury case. Injuries you received trying to separate two fighting dogs could be part of a personal injury lawsuit. For birth injury related cases you need to approach an injury lawyer that specializes in birth injury cases. To find a birth injury attorney, visit to find one local to you.